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Specialty Polishes

  • Malco Clean & Shine - 8 oz.

    Clean & Shine™ powers away grease, grime and dirt from leather, vinyl and plastic while restoring a rich, satin gloss to the surfaces being cleaned without an oily or greasy residue. In just one step, this time-saving, ready-to-use formula...

  • Meguiar's ScratchX 2.0

    Keep ScratchX® 2.0 close at hand for quick removal of isolated paint scratches or blemishes … whenever they occur. Competitive products either hide the blemish or scratch the finish. Meguiar’s® exclusive micro-abrasive system enables ScratchX 2.0...

  • NanoSkin Autoscrub Buffing Pad 6" - Fine

    The NanoSkin AUTOSCRUB 6” pads achieve professional results using a new, advanced, rubber polymer technology. With a dual-action orbital polisher, they safely and easily remove paint overspray, water spots, tree sap, rail dust and other bonded...

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  • P & S Inspiration Ceramic Coating

    INSPIRATION Exterior Ceramic Coating provides an exceptional layer of durable long lasting protection unlike traditional wax products. INSPIRATION Coating cures to form a solid molecular barrier impervious to chemicals, corrosion, UV exposure and high...

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  • P & S Sales Bead Maker - Pint

    Bead Maker now makes paint protection easier and faster than ever before. Bead Maker's unique formulation allows for quick spray application. This time saving product uses binding polymer monomer technology to produce a water beading, brilliant, long...

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